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Volume 6, No. 1Science Fiction and Religion

Published May 15, 2020

Robot hand touching human hand

Issue description

In science fiction films, we explore remote universes and use yet unknown technologies – the world as we know it is left behind. But although the technical devices in these films are impressive and the science advances in huge steps, the protagonists still search for a superior entity, for the main creator, for a god, for a lost paradise… The human quest for knowledge and for the unknown does not end, and the questions remain the same: What is humankind in relation to the undiscovered universe? Are we, in the near future, able to unravel all the mysteries that have always been tantalizing scientists and religious seekers? What ethical challenges might this progress bring? Will we become gods, “creating” humans by writing genetic codes using synthetic biology? The Interactions between science fiction and religion are manyfold and amazing …

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